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We can handle storm damage insurance claims in Austin, TX

Few headaches are as big as dealing with storm damage insurance claims. Make things easier for yourself with the help of PGCD in Austin, TX. We're a storm damage repair contractor that will work with your insurance company to restore your home after a disaster. Insurance agents can trust us to fix a home to their exact specifications. Given our experience and skill set, you can trust us to make all kinds of repairs properly.

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We follow a thorough process

Not sure what to expect when you file your insurance claim? This process includes:

  • Inspection of the damage - an adjuster will check out your property and document the damage
  • Estimation of repair costs - the adjuster will provide an estimate that includes the cost of labor and materials
  • Selection of a contractor - you can hire us on your own or from a list of contractors provided by your insurance company
  • Completion of home repairs - we can do it all to fix your home, including replacing damaged flooring and fixtures
  • Payment collection - your insurance company will pay us directly, but please note the terms of your policy
We communicate regularly with the insurance company and the homeowner throughout the process. This helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Speak with our storm damage repair contractor for help with your claim today.